By Ted
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Here I Stand at Age 80
What Ted wants to be remembered of his ideals and work. How a very bad career plan led to discoveries, hopes and adventures.

Ted Nelson’s Eulogy for Doug Engelbart
Ted honors the work and mourns the passing of his dearest friend, technology legend Douglas Engelbart.

Ted Nelson Demonstrates ZigZag® Data Structures (by Arthur Bullard)
A lucid demonstration of how a user walks through the non-rectangular, non-hierarchical dimensions of a ZigZag file. ZigZag combines the best functions of spreadsheets and databases while avoiding the evils of both, and can be viewed from as many dimensions and the author creates.

New Game in Town
Ted walks through a new working demo of Xanadu® documents, including discussion of the latest structure, the Edit Decision List. Points to a downloadable version with which users can create their own Xanadu documents.

Ted’s Angriest and Best Lecture 2013
Mostly ad-libbed, a summary of his work versus the world.
Octothorpe: 80 and Still S#arp
Ted’s 80th birthday show 2017
Cheery anecdotes and jollification before a very loving audience at the Internet Archive.
“The Epiphany of Slocum Furlow” and “Silicon Valley Story”
Ted’s 1959 student film and a romantic short.
Ted Nelson on Pernicious Computer Traditions (by Arthur Bullard)
Ted talks about the current state of technology and the imposition of engineers’ approaches to tools for humans.
“Computers for Cynics,” a seven-part series
The history of personal computing and the ramifications of early decisions — with which we are still living.
Keynote speech, Information Architecture Summit 2015
“New Fields and Feeled Effects” deals with how new areas of research and their applications must compete to succeed.
Ted Nelson’s 70th Birthday Lecture
Filmed at the University of Southampton, 2007. Ted’s unusual thoughts on numerous subjects — how to quit smoking, what’s at the center of the earth, and what happened when the ice over Europe melted. Eccentric or insightful? Yes!

Launch Event For Ted’s Autobiography, Internet Archive, 2010
Readings from, and discussion of, Ted Nelson’s Possiplex with film clips and an extensive questions and answer session.

About Ted
From big screen to small screen

Ted Nelson talks to Werner Herzog
Here is Ted on the big screen for the first time, interviewed by the great film-maker Werner Herzog for his 2016 movie about the Internet and its consequences, “Lo and Behold.”
Bill Lowe talks about Ted Nelson’s influence on IBM
Inspired by a Ted Nelson lecture in the 1970s, Bill Lowe helped move IBM in new directions.
Intertwingled Conference
“INTERTWINGLED: The Work and Influence of Ted Nelson” took place in April 2014 at Chapman University. Speakers include Dame Wendy Hall, Jaron Lanier, and Brewster Kahle, plus a surprise appearance by Steve Wozniak.